The earth that we once knew – is now gone.

We are entering into the era of Anthropocene – the point of no return.

In the midst of this seemingly hopeless situation, Shawn who makes it his life mission to defy death, goes on a time bending journey to learn about the sanctity, limitations and uncanny parallels existing within the unassuming cycles of rain and life. A poignant play on letting go of the world that we used to know and holding on tight onto the things that climate can’t change – the love we have for our community, and our one and only home.

About The Wright Stuff Festival 

In an ongoing effort to nurture and mentor emerging playwrights, The Wright Stuff Festival returns for its fourth season, featuring 3 new playwrights and 3 brand new original works!

Witness the harvest of thought-provoking productions written by Rachel Chin, Vivian Quek and Annie Low, mentored by esteemed directors Jeffrey Tan, Jeremiah Choy and Alvin Chiam.

Orbiting around the theme of “Climate”, exploring how every decision we make leads to a series of repercussions. The dreams of a new world rest in the hands of the young. A burning red tree bears the key to a barren land. A seemingly act of justice ripples into a crescendo and escalates into restless tides. Could this be the finale of our existence?


  • September 22, 2023
  • September 25, 2023


  • Black Box


  • S$ 49
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