Chinese Proverbs – Mr Smart

Meet Jia Congming, a character whose story introduces us to fascinating Chinese idioms. Jia Congming, known for his carefree lifestyle, embodies the saying “百无一用” (bǎi wúyī yòng), meaning having many skills but not using any. His days are all about fun, food, and avoiding diligent study, resulting in no notable achievements.

Follow Jia Chongming as he illustrates “滥竽充数” (làn yúchōng shù), “害群之马” (hài qún zh ī mǎ), “提心吊胆” (tíxīn diào dǎn). Join us in exploring Jia Chongming’s simple yet insightful journey, and learn about the balance between leisure, responsibility and the consequences of a purposeless life.


  • March 29, 2024
  • March 30, 2024


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