Scrubb – First Live in Singapore

Relive your best memories from 2gether with Scrubb in Singapore! Imagine watching Scrubb perform all the amazing OST songs from “2gether” ‘live’ and remembering all the great memories?

Then turn this into reality, as we laugh and cry 2gether on 14th Jan 2024 (Sun) at Scrubb’s first ‘live’ concert in Singapore at the Gateway Theatre!

A popular band since the 2000s in Thailand, Scrubb had a big resurgence globally when their music was heard throughout the hit drama series “2gether”. Scrubb songs that were used in the drama became huge hits worldwide, including “Everything,” “Close,” “Click,” “Smile”, “Deep” and, of course, Khu Khan (“Soulmate”).

A musical connection between the characters, Tine (Win) describes the music of Scrubb best when he told Sarawat (Bright): “If you listen to Scrubb songs when you are happy, you will be even happier. If you listen when you are in love, you will be more deeply in love.”

Scrubb songs are warm, comforting hugs for when you need them the most. This 14th January (Sun) 2024, let us get 2gether and feel the magic of Scrubb! Get your tickets from TicketMaster NOW! 


  • January 14, 2024
  • 07:00 PM-08:30 PM


  • Theatre


  • S$ 98-178
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