Together 與你

你是否也曾在新加坡的街頭聽過Jeff 黃長俊的彈唱,或 是否曾在網路上聽過他的翻唱或創作呢?如今,黃長俊將帶著第三張創作專輯「與你」,以最真摯的⾳樂,重 返演唱會的舞台。 黃長俊將在「與你」演唱會裡帶來膾炙⼈⼝的個⼈創作,同時也將帶來⼀些與好朋友、⾳樂⼈、學⽣、的共同創作。無論是為歌迷朋友們在街頭的演出,還是舞台上的表演,他都希望著可以⽤⾳樂,感謝著⼀路走來⼤家的熱愛與⽀持。


Have you been to Jeff Ng’s busking performances on the streets of Singapore or perhaps listened to his song covers or originals that he released? Along with his third album, “Together”, Jeff will be holding a concert together to share his music with everyone. Through this “Together” concert, Jeff Ng will be performing his originals and also several new collaborative works with friends, musicians and students. He hopes to use his music to express his gratitude towards everyone’s love and support throughout his music journey.

On this night, “Together” promises to lead you into Jeff Ng’s musical world.


  • October 5, 2024
  • 07:30 PM-09:30 PM


  • Theatre


  • S$ 68
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