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跨月比赛 The Race Around The Moon

续 2023 年英文演绎版的热烈回响,《跨月比赛》这个原创故事将以中文演绎,再次 与观众相见。和我们一起踏上一段难忘的旅程,探寻嫦娥、玉兔和吴刚的传奇。他们 和家人分离多年后,终于有机会可以一家团圆。但有一个条件 —— 只有赢得比赛的胜 利者才能回家。他们对胜利的强烈渴望是否会破坏他们珍贵的友谊?他们是否会发现 真正的胜利不在于输赢而是超越竞争和失望的长久友谊? Following the success of its 2023 English staging, The Race Around The Moon returns in 2024, now performed in Chinese! Join us on an unforgettable journey through the classic tales of Chang’e, Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang. After years of being apart from their families, the three characters are given a chance to reunite, but there’s a catch—only the victor of the race will be granted this privilege. As they set […]

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神笔马良 The Magic Paintbrush

马良喜欢画画但是因为家境平穷,马良没钱买画笔。一天,在梦里马良收到了一支能让任何绘画成为现实的神笔。他被吩咐一定要用神笔来帮助有需要的人。这个消息传到了贪心皇帝的耳朵,他下令要把马良给捉回去。马良将如何运用这支神笔呢?来和我们一起了解这个激励人心的中国民间故事吧! Little Ma Liang loves drawing, but his family is poor, and he couldn’t afford to buy a paintbrush. One day, Ma Liang received a magical paintbrush that made everything he drew come to life! He was given one condition—to use it to help those in need. When the greedy Emperor heard about Ma Liang and his magic paintbrush, he ordered Ma Liang captured. What did Ma Liang do next? Join us to find out more of this inspirational Chinese […]

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The Invisible Pangolin

Three friends, a Monkey, Owl and Tiger come across a mysterious ball that turns out to be a classmate they have never “seen” before. What does it mean to not be seen and to remain “invisible”? The Invisible Pangolin is an interactive theatre piece that seeks to explore friendships; embracing differences, being seen; what it means to say “no” and giving space. Come join us in this adventure. This production was developed with the support of PLAYlab by Esplanade – […]

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