Venue Accessibility

Gateway Theatre is an accessible venue.

All visitors are welcome at Gateway Theatre, regardless of disability. We strive to meet all individual needs where possible. Look for the following icons that indicate accessible shows.

For Venue Hirers: We encourage all our hirers to make their productions and events accessible to all visitors, regardless of disability. If you would like to include an accessibility option in your event, we would be glad to waive some costs to help you do so. Let’s work together towards a more inclusive society!

Apart from the facilities listed on this page, you can click to see the specific accessibility facilities for your venue:



Wheelchair users and people with mobility restrictions

If you have mobility needs, we are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable and easy as possible. Whether you use a wheelchair or need extra support walking, you should have no problem making the most of our facilities.

  •  Step-free access to the box office, toilets and performance spaces from the street
  • Passenger drop-off point immediately at the side of the building
  • Lift access to all floors. Automatic doors Wide access routes
  • Accessible toilets on all floors
  • Guide dogs are welcome

Please contact the organiser of your event for wheelchair seating options.

Blind and visually impaired people

Some performances come with Audio Description. This means that the performance is verbally described live by a trained Audio Describer and transmitted to the audience members through Listen Tek headsets. The commentary describes body language, expressions and movements that takes place on the stage. Please contact the organiser of your event for information on/provision of Audio Description.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people

Sign Language Interpreted performances include a trained interpreter who will be placed in a visible position on or near the stage. The interpreter will sign all auditory elements of the show using Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Advised by The Singapore Association of the Deaf, seating is allocated for each SgSL performance to provide an optimal view to both the show and the interpreter. Please contact the organiser of your event for information on/provision of SgSL interpretation.

Closed Captions are available on the screens around the theatre. They are not only a transcription of the dialogue, but also of sound effects, relevant musical cues, and other audio information. Please contact the organiser of your event for information on/provision of Closed Captions.

People with autism, dementia and other learning disabilities

A relaxed performance is designed to allow patrons a more ‘relaxed’ theatre environment. The lighting
and sound cues are adjusted to be less startling, patrons can exit and enter the auditorium at any time and a designated quiet space is made available. Patrons who may benefit from this performance include those on the Autistic spectrum, living with Dementia and patrons with sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability.

To prepare for what to expect in a visit to the theatre, you can use the following visual aids to familiarise yourself with our venue prior to a visit. They are also a great tool for any one visiting Gateway Theatre for the first time.

Click to see the key steps to our venue from your desired public transport route.

The following visual stories show key steps around our venue and to each of our spaces:

Gateway Theatre is a member of the Access Arts Hub. The Access Arts Hub is a consortium of individuals and organisations in Singapore with a shared agenda to make the arts more accessible and appealing for people with disabilities (PWD). The HUB’s origin stems from initial training provided by Kirsty Hoyle of Include Arts organised by the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, SRT and supported by the British Council in February 2018. The HUB wants to develop better Access to the arts in Singapore by working with a diverse membership base, to make informed changes to support all communities to be nourished and entertained by the Arts. Access Arts Hub also provides the ACCESSIBILITY IN MIND workshops to all participating groups.

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