Plan Your Experience

Welcome to Gateway Theatre

We’re thrilled you are here. First time with us? No problem! Here’s a general guide to help you have a great and memorable theatre experience!

Come As You Are!

We want you to be comfortable so you can enjoy the show. That’s why we don’t have a dress code here at Gateway Theatre – although you do need to be wearing shoes! Do take note that our air-conditioned theatre does get pretty chilly, so bringing a light jacket, shawl or sweater is a good idea.

At The Theatre

Here’s a few things to keep in mind before the curtain rises:


Give yourself enough buffer time by coming at least 20 mins before the show. If you come after the show has started, you’ll only be admitted at a suitable break (if there’s any).

Group 3

Visit the restroom prior to taking your seat. We don’t want you to miss a moment of the performance, and it can be distracting for other audience members, and even the performers. Remember, they can see you!


Silence your mobile phone. You really don’t want to spoil any moments and have people give you dirty looks, do you?


No one wants a dirty theatre so please don’t bring food or drinks inside the hall.

During The Performance

Here’s a few things to keep in mind before the curtain rises:


Don’t be a shutterbug! All shows and performances are protected by copyright laws, and it’s not cool taking unauthorised still photos, video and audio recordings. Also, a single flash from the auditorium may distract a performer and cause major safety issues.


Shhh… Do avoid humming or singing along with the show – except when encouraged by the artiste. And of course, no talking please.


Please clap at the right time! Applause is what performers live off and never goes unappreciated. So applaud whenever you feel like you should! If you’re unsure when, the general (and safe) rule of thumb is wait till everybody else claps! It’s that simple.

After the Performance

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