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"Once Upon A Time" Storytelling

Listen to and imagine a world through storytelling as our professional storytellers share, through narration and enactment, loveable children’s stories. Children are encouraged to interact, sing and dance with our storytellers as they describe and act out the world of the story.

A different story every week!

10.00am – English Storytelling
11.00am – Chinese Storytelling
(First and Second Saturdays of the month)
Dance Studio, Level 5, Gateway Theatre

July Stories

Gateway Kids Club July – Embracing Differences

Big or little, dark or fair, we are all different from others in our own way. This makes us unique, as we each have our own background, experiences, and perspectives. These differences can bring value when we embrace them and learn how to see from different points of view. We can come together like different-coloured threads to form a beautiful tapestry. Join us for a month of stories about embracing our uniqueness and finding unity out of diversity!

Embracing Differencesv2_770x550
6 July, 10amYoung Storyteller from The Storytelling Centre Ltd
The Happy Homecoming
6 July, 11amStoryteller William故事人伟光
十兄弟 · The Story of The Ten Brothers
13 July, 10amStoryteller Risa
It’s Okay to be a Unicorn!
13 July, 11amStoryteller Cheryl 故事人韵馨
妮妮的创意天地 ·Her Wonderland of Ideas
20 July, 10amStoryteller Misha
The Friendship Race
27 July, 10amStoryteller Nat
The Proud Butterfly

August Stories

Gateway Kids Club August – Our Sunny Island

Singapura, oh Singapura, sunny island in the sea! We celebrate our nation’s birthday this month with a mix of fun stories about Singapore! Hear legends from our past, lessons about our national icons, and stories set within our shores that could just as well be real! Familiar or fresh, these Temasek tales will have you proudly parading in red and white!

Our Sunny Island_770x550
3 August, 10amYoung Storyteller from The Storytelling Centre Ltd
The Legend of Bukit Merah
3 August, 11amStoryteller William 故事人伟光
巴当的传奇· The Legend of Badang
10 August, 10amStoryteller Nat
Breakfast of Tengkus
10 August, 11amStorytellers Cheryl 故事人韵馨
秘制香味 · The Secret Spices
17 August, 10amStoryteller Misha
The Magic of The Tortoise Island
24 August, 10amStoryteller Angel
Vanda Miss Joaquim
31 August, 10amStoryteller Rino
Ollie's Little Adventure

“Look What I Made!” Arts & Crafts

Whether it’s sand or sticker art, colouring or painting, kids can participate in making their own take-home art pieces. Creativity is key and their imagination the captain of this hands-on arts and crafts workshop.

10.30am - 1.00pm
Studio 3, Gateway Theatre

Free Play

Kids are encouraged to play with the interactive outdoor games at the Sky Garden. You can also have a picnic and chill out to relaxing background music.

Note: Children should be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Gateway Theatre is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, death, or personal injury sustained on its premises.

10.30am - 1.00pm
Sky Garden, Gateway Theatre (Subject to venue availability)

All our activities are a way for parents to get involved with their kids in arts-related activities. Studies show that creative activities are imperative in early child development.

Gateway Kids Club gets you and your child engaged in arts-related activities that are not only fun but also feed the imaginative creator hidden within!

Each month features a different theme, around which activities are focused.

Recommended for children 3 to 7 years old.

What We Believe

In the early childhood years between 3 to 7 years old, kids have a large capacity to develop their creativity and grow their imagination through various positive artistic stimulations. Studies show that children after the age of 6 will multi-task their modes of learning due to the pressures of formal schooling, therefore their capacity to imagine and create is much greater before reaching this age!

More and more Singaporean parents are introducing their children to the arts through weekend art workshops, theatre plays or musicals for young people, as well as enrolling their children in music lessons. Gateway Kids Club provides another option for parents to introduce their kids to activities that are centred around visual arts, performing arts, music and dance.

More Great Reasons to Join

Arts to Enrich Young Minds

Children develop a variety of skills from participating in arts-related activities regularly.

Motor skills, especially in making arts and crafts.

Language appreciation, in listening and participating in storytelling.

Listening, improving a child’s attention span when listening to stories, as well as active listening when taking instructions.

Empathy, appreciating other people or animals through their stories.

Visual appreciation, when drawing and making crafts; developing graphic cues and understanding symbols.

Problem-solving & critical-thinking, as applied in craft-making or free play interactive games.

Inventiveness, when expressing themselves during the storytelling or craft-making sessions.

Great Family Time


Parents and children can play together, interact when making crafts together or share in an experience through the storytelling sessions. Parents talk about the story at home, sing the songs and do the actions that were shared at the storytelling session. They can also use the skills they’ve learnt making crafts to create their own play at home too.

Our Storytellers

Gateway Theatre collaborates with some of the best and brightest in the local performing arts industry to bring stories to life in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. These include freelance actors as well as storytellers from the following arts companies:

Nat Koh

Nat is an actress, radio DJ, storyteller, early childhood arts educator, and host based in Singapore. She began her work in theatre for young audiences as an actress in 2017 and has consistently worked to expand her creative repertoire since. 

Nat enjoys melding her knowledge of acting, fairytales, and education; which is why most of her stories are self-penned! An advocate for giving children a safe space to explore creative solutions without judgement, Nat always ensures that her stories are fun, educational, and above all has the ability to nurture empathy in the hearts of her audiences.

Rino Junior John

Rino Junior John is a theatre-trained actor and graduated as valedictorian, achieving a Distinction in his theatre studies. A true storyteller at heart, Rino has spent years captivating the imaginations of young listeners. Through animated storytelling sessions, Rino weaves silly tales that whisk children away into enchanting realms, nurturing a profound love for literature and sparking the flames for creativity. He believes that the true magic of storytelling lies in the ability to forge connections with young audiences, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

William Tan

William Tan is the co-artistic director of Morph Theatre and drama instructor with various primary, secondary and special schools. He is an experienced TV and stage actor. He is notable for his performance in the Mediacorp telemovie, ‘Ah Gong Meat Bone Tea’ produced by the late Mr Kuo Pao Kun. Besides acting, he has written and directed numerous concerts for schools and Singapore Media Academy. William has been involved in Arts Education Programme since 1999.

Young Storytellers from The Storytelling Centre Ltd

The Storytelling Centre Limited is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore. Their core mission is to foster and advance the art of storytelling through performances, collaborations, artistic exchanges, mentorships, training and community outreach. They firmly believe that stories are storehouses of Singapore’s unique multidimensional legacy. The oral traditions of folktales, mythology, legends and fables are avenues for preserving, showcasing and developing Singapore’s rich and diverse heritage. Their focus is on ensuring the sustainability of the art form by nurturing emerging Young Storytellers

ACT 3 Theatrics

Stepping into the fourth decade as Singapore’s first professional theatre company, Act 3 Theatrics’s focus continues to be children. Where once the professionals were the creators and enactors, today, Act 3 Theatrics endeavours to be the catalyst to inspire children in their hands-on quest to learn, explore, experiment, create, articulate and present.

What children enjoy most is the act of doing things. They blossom to their full potential when surrounded by a sense of joy, wonder, spontaneity and freedom

Gateway Kids Club

Every Saturday from 10am – 1pm.
Our programmes are targeted at ages 3 – 7, but children of all ages are welcome.
We encourage parents to do the activities with your children, whether it’s Storytelling, Art & Craft, Free Play, or a workshop. It’s great for building your relationship with your child.
You can drive or come by bus, train or taxi. Details here.
There are no carparks in the building itself, but there are a few carparks in close vicinity. Details here.
Yes! Gateway Theatre is right next door to Bukit Merah Hawker Centre. There are also 3 coffeeshops and plenty of eateries and cafés nearby, such as McDonald’s, KFC (and Pizza Hut), Hao Wei Lai, Brinda’s, and Café4You, to name a few. We are also just down the road from Redhill Food Centre, Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre, Alexandra Village Food Centre, IKEA Alexandra and Anchorpoint.


Most definitely! We have a varied team of storytellers that take turns to bring you and your children a different story every week. You can see the schedule on the events tab.

Storytelling is approximately 20 minutes, but our arts and craft corner is open from 10am – 1pm.
Tickets for the whole month will be available on SISTIC 2 weeks before the first Saturday of each month. They will be released at 10am on Friday. For example, all 4 sessions in June will be available for purchase from 21 May. Do note that there are limited tickets, so click here to book them early!
Storytelling is a free programme, however you are required to register and book tickets on SISTIC.

Infants in arm (18 months and below) are counted as 1 pax.

Walk-ins are allowed subjected to availability, however we strongly encourage all patrons to purchase tickets in advance to avoid being turned away due to full capacity.

Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult.
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