Happy Place

Happy Place

Val is the deejay on a Singapore morning radio show – ‘The Happy Place on One One Oh Point Oh’. She is interviewing her old friend Estee, now an Instagram political poet writing about pressing social issues. The chirpy on-air conversation quickly spirals into a heated and emotional debate on their significance and place in society. But as the pair deploy all available verbal ammunition and even uncover buried secrets to best each other, there are several questions that they refuse to answer: Where is Val’s absent radio partner? What horrifying cataclysm is happening in the outside world that the listeners are frantically calling in about? And what impact can these two supposed influencers possibly have on the end of the world?

Happy Place is a darkly comic play about the role of art, entertainment, and their creators in an increasingly grim and tumultuous world.


  • May 4, 2023
  • May 7, 2023


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